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VW Vanagon

Craftsman Vans is restoring VW Vanagon camper vans. The VW Vanagon is an iconic camping van, so we can't ignore it solely for our own designs. We're restoring the classic VW Vanagons to their former glory.


The VW Vanagon engine has always been it's weak point. We're now outfitting modern Subaru or Ford engines into the VW Vanagon. Improved fuel economy, improved power and better reliability - what could be better?

Racks & Bumpers

Who wants to go camping without their bikes? We're offering some great bike racks designed specifically for the VW Vanagon. And in case you have to push that newer van out of the way, we've got some nicely styled bumpers, front and rear, to accent the VW Vanagon.


We're outfitting VW Vanagon's with Propex propane heaters to keep you warm on those cold camping nights. Energy efficient, quiet and warm, the Propex heaters are easy to plumb in to your existing Vanagon propane system.

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Vanagon Vanagon Drivers Seat
Vanagon Bench Seat Vanagon Interior
Vanagon Pop Top Vanagon