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Custom Sprinter Camper Vans


Craftsman Vans can help you create the custom road tripping, live-in camper van of your dreams.
Contact us to help make your van a reality.

  • Design Consulting - We can help you design a van that meets your needs. With our experience on the road, we know what works and what doesn't, and can help put your ideas into a functional design.
  • Solar Systems - We can design the solar system for your van that fits your needs, from simply topping off your batteries to full systems capable of running your remote business.
  • Stereo Systems - We can install and build stereo systems in your van for the most refined music lover.
  • Water Systems - We can install or retrofit your van with a fully functional plumbing system to meet your needs.
Lockbox, shower and bike mounts setup in cargo area.

Solar panels to keep you running off the grid.