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Custom Sprinter Camper Vans


Craftsman Vans was started by Sam Elmore to simply build the most efficient travelling vehicle possible. After trying various van conversions on the market and not being happy with them, Sam started building his own custom camper vans in 2003.

He's been working on and refining his van conversions ever since. And rest assured, he's not just building vans - he's working and living and driving them, often times spending 30 or more days per year on the road.

Sam has travelled through all corners of the US, as well as Canada, Mexico, and parts of Europe and Asia. All this travel, and an insatiable appetite for functional design has led ultimately to this company, Craftsman Vans.

Sam Elmore - Owner Sam Elmore - Owner


David Sowerby has been doing finish carpentry for over 35 years. He's an accomplished pattern maker, building all of Craftsman Van's patterns and pieces with the highest quality and fit. David's attention to detail and ideas for van design are second to none.

David too, has travelled the world over. These days he spends a good portion of time travelling through the USA rock climbing.

David Sowerby - Pattern Maker David Sowerby - Pattern Maker


Mark Huth has been a production line engineer for many years. Lately, he's turned his attention to helping Craftsman Van's engineer our processes and van conversions to give you a better final product, quickly and efficiently.

Mark is a traveller and rock climber. He's recently sent his hardest route at the young age of 53! Impressive as he is on rock, he's just as impressive on a surfboard.

Mark Huth - Engineer Mark Huth - Engineer